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Baker's Dozen

Understand The Feeling: Fenriz Of Darkthrone's Favourite House Records
Mat Colegate , January 25th, 2017 10:24

As well as being the core of black metal masters Darkthrone, Fenriz is a massive house head and regular DJ. Here, he guides us through the 13 records that are never out of his crate


Green Velvet - 'The Preacher Man'
I got schooled with this one. Listening to our national house hero Olle Løstegaard (DJ Abstract) radio show Techno Overdose in 1993 this one was annoying at first as I came from a different kind of musical background. Yet I UNDERSTOOD that I had obstacles to overcome if I wanted to UNDERSTAND pure house. House doesn't need melody or chord changes or harmonies, most of all step one is to understand THE FEELING. If you hear this enough to get goosebumps every time he just lets the hi-hats in - then you have understood house. I don't recommend this as a beginner's track... Oh but really yes I do. Why not just bite the bullet?