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Baker's Dozen

Understand The Feeling: Fenriz Of Darkthrone's Favourite House Records
Mat Colegate , January 25th, 2017 10:24

As well as being the core of black metal masters Darkthrone, Fenriz is a massive house head and regular DJ. Here, he guides us through the 13 records that are never out of his crate


Choice (with Laurent Garnier - 'Acid Eiffel'
...and I also didn't have time to add any acid, like this. I think it's narrow minded to say that a track like this isn't house. Again it's where you put it in a mix and in what tempo (pitch down!!!). Back in the mid-90s my crew and I used to pitch down more techno related stuff like crazy to fit into house sets, we thought house was too limited. BOOM! Since 2004 house and techno have come together in a much broader sense and the world has became a richer place after all. Still, I seem to prefer the 90s productions but that's not a rule for me.