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Baker's Dozen

An Ommadawn Chorus: Mike Oldfield's Favourite Albums
Gary Kaill , January 23rd, 2017 10:59

As Mike Oldfield releases new album Return To Ommadawn he guides Gary Kaill through 13 albums that he listened to before he began making music - after which he never listened to much music at all


Mahler - Symphony No 5
The Satie is so light and the Mahler is so dark and heavy. I love the area in the Alps, you know, around Lake Constance and the Rhineland. Such a beautiful part of the world. In fact, I lived around there in the 80s when I was recording Discovery. You may recall I recorded a piece called ‘The Lake’ - it was inspired by the landscape in this part of the world. The landscape was an inspiration and so was the Mahler. Like much of the music on this list, I haven’t listened to it, really, of late. But when I was starting to make my own music, it’s a piece that inspired me very much.