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'Snake Hits: Frank Carter's Favourite Albums
Patrick Clarke , January 18th, 2017 10:12

Frank Carter of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes is one of the nicest men in all rock - here he sits down with Patrick Clarke to discuss the music that has shaped his life


Arctic Monkeys - AM

AM is one of my favourite records of the last ten years. I've always liked the fact that Arctic Monkeys sidestepped the indie scene and reinvented themselves as a rock band. I think Alex Turner gets a lot of unfair flak but he's a phenomenal songwriter, one of the best of our generation, and this record in particular has some incredible songs on it. People like rockstars until they don't like rockstars, and then if you're a rockstar you'd better fucking duck. He's always just been himself, and luckily himself is just rock & roll through and through.

I'm incredibly jealous of his mind, he's a great guitarist but as a lyricist it's incredibly frustrating to be alive at the same time as him. As a rockstar he just has it, and luckily he's not put too much of a foot wrong yet. As far as I'm concerned he can do no wrong, and I'm putting that all on his lyrics. It's mental that he can squeeze a line like "She's got a Barbarella silver swimsuit" into a song and make it relevant, make it just feel new, yet he's referencing things from such a long time ago, probably from before he was alive. He has an understanding of pop culture and is a master of manipulating it to do whatever he wants. As a lyricist myself it's quite amazing to see.