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'Snake Hits: Frank Carter's Favourite Albums
Patrick Clarke , January 18th, 2017 10:12

Frank Carter of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes is one of the nicest men in all rock - here he sits down with Patrick Clarke to discuss the music that has shaped his life


Glassjaw – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence

This record was so, so important to me. My friend went to see Slipknot play an instore show at a Virgin Megastore and he came back with this tape with The Workhorse Movement on one side and Glassjaw on the other, essentially Roadrunner Records trying to pitch their next big acts. He gave me the tape saying 'This is fucking rubbish, you should just have it,' and I listened to Workhorse movement and thought it was the worst thing I'd ever heard. But then I listened to Glassjaw and it was so raw and pure, it had that same urgency that I thought Nirvana must have had in the day, no frills, no production to hide behind, it was stripped back so there was no cloak, just dagger. I listened to this album until my CD didn't work anymore.

I loved the whole story behind Glassjaw too, how Ross Robinson went and saw them play 30 seconds of a song, told them to stop and then they had a fight with him. It's rock & roll perfection. At that stage I'd played in a couple of bands but I was just taking music in. You're open at that age to everything, and this just really poured in.