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Baker's Dozen

Lifting A Veil: Kurt Wagner Of Lambchop's Favourite British LPs
Luke Cartledge , January 11th, 2017 08:54

Reflecting at length upon his intimate relationship with British music from his office in Nashville, Tennessee, the alt-country veteran at the heart of Lambchop discusses freedom, interpretation and the lasting effect on him of 1970s Sheffield with Luke Cartledge


George Harrison And Friends - The Concert For Bangladesh

I returned to the US on the SS France, a big ocean liner, and I arrived at New York Harbour on the morning of the Concert for Bangladesh. I knew it was going on, and I looked out of my little cabin window, knowing that that night this amazing concert was going on and I wasn't able to go. I was in the same fucking city, and I was beside myself. For it to come out three or four months later – it was amazing how quickly they released that thing – was so great. It was like having a souvenir of something that I missed. The people involved in that concert were all people I was into. Leon Russell was the band leader, there was Dylan, who totally stole the show. I remember watching the film at the theatre in Nashville, and it was stone dead quiet prior to that, but that performance blew everybody's mind.