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Baker's Dozen

The Death Of Dissent: Richard H Kirk's Baker's Dozen
Kiran Acharya , December 5th, 2016 10:43

With the release of the Richard H Kirk and Sandoz box sets, the Cabaret Voltaire lynchpin takes us through thirteen of his favourite and most enduring albums


Iggy Pop – The Idiot
I was familiar with The Stooges, but it was the fact that they'd brought electronics into the mix. The guitar sounds fantastic, and I think my favourite track is the opening track, 'Sister Midnight'. What intrigued me was something in the NME or one of the music papers saying that Iggy's next album was going to be a cross between Kraftwerk and James Brown. I'm a total fan of both and thought, well, that sounds fucking intriguing! I got the album and it was fantastic. We made it out to Berlin in the mid-80s, spent a little bit of time there and Cabaret Voltaire played there twice. Berlin was just like an island. Unless you flew in it was very difficult to get to as you had to go through the corridor. I remember going through it on the way to Hamburg, where you'd have to go through the east where it was all very regimented and strict. You felt like you were on the edge, because of the Cold War. I remember passing through the corridor one night and the guards came and checked us out, they were all there in the greatcoats and it was all black and white and floodlit, with me filming Super-8 footage of it. I love Berlin to this day. There were a couple of places – the Dschungel – which Bowie references, which was still going by the time we got there.