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WATCH: New Okkultokrati Video
Christian Eede , December 2nd, 2016 15:18

Norwegian band shares video for new single

Okkultokrati's latest record, Raspberry Dawn, was released a few months ago and saw the band further push forward with the sound that they have been refining since forming in 2008, taking in classic rock riffs while putting an alternative slant on conventions.

One of that album's highlights was the eight-minute 'Hidden Future' and the video for it is premiering above, following a front-view of a car travelling through various roads and residential areas. The video is directed by Dana Dølje.

On the song itself, the band's vocalist, Henning, had the following to say: "The inspiration to the lyrics of 'Hidden Future' is rooted in 5s and 80's cold war sci-fi like Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons Rogue Trooper with its race of cloned enhanced humans bred for warfare and Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers or even better Paul Verhoeven's take on it.

"Now decades later, there are very few openly, hard-hitting dissenting voices to military engagements in pop culture. You can go directly from playing Call of Duty in your basement to piloting military drone strikes. Like something straight out of Ender's Game, safely bombing a foreign population from the other side of the planet. We are pre-programmed to fear the unknown and to dehumanize the enemy. And there next to no critical voices to question or dispute these matters. Just knee-jerk, empty slogans about supporting our troops and the deafening patriotic chanting in its wake.

"So Hidden Future tells the tale of this sad, pathetic, fool who joins the army, never settles in and is stuck there with his own contradicting thoughts about revolting, killing his superiors, greats feats of heroism or deserting but just ends up self-destructing and losing his mind. It's about the harsh realities of the parasitic nature of the way military forces and military interests operate around the globe."

You can buy the album here and catch the band at the below European tour dates.

Okkultokrati European Tour Dates


6th - Bärenzwinger – Dresden, Germany
7th - KAPU – Linz, Austria
8th - Klub 007 – Prague, Czech Republic
9th - Urban Spree – Berlin, Germany
10th - Incubate Festival – Tilburg, Netherlands
11th - McDaid's – Le Havre, France
12th - La Zone – Liege, Belgium
13th - Worm – Rotterdam, Netherlands
14th - MTS Citysound – Oldenburg, Germany
15th - Stengade – Copenhagen, Denmark
16th - Plan B – Malmö, Sweden
17th - Truckstop Alaska – Gothenburg, Sweden