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Baker's Dozen

Northern Uproar: Tanya Tagaq's Favourite Albums
John Freeman , November 30th, 2016 10:06

With the release of her phenomenal new album, Retribution, the Inuit throat singer talks to John Freeman about the albums that make her laugh and cry. And laugh some more.


Father John Misty - Fear Fun
I think I am drawn by his melancholic smugness, for some reason. He does seem kind of smug, doesn't he? He seems very much like the cocky boy in high school. I almost feel a little bit ashamed for liking this album so much. It is delicious music. I know I shouldn't really, but I cannot stop myself from loving this. I really like his voice, but it goes beyond that. I like the melodies and the arrangements. I really like the way the songs are constructed. His lyrics make me laugh a lot. I spend a lot of time giggling when listening to Fear Fun. I will put it on the morning and my four-year-old and 13-year-old will sing along – and I also find that concept really funny. I liked Fleet Foxes, but this is the album that I am most familiar with. I am just starting to penetrate his body of work.