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Baker's Dozen

As Good As It Gets: How To Dress Well's Favourite Albums
Lottie Brazier , November 9th, 2016 11:05

With his fourth album, Care, released earlier this year and a UK tour imminent, Tom Krell picks his top 13 LPs and tells Lottie Brazier why "the true value of bubbly pop music consists in its relationship with desperation"


Infinite Body – Carve Out The Face Of My God
I hate the idea that ambient music is background music, music to have on while attending to other things. To my mind, the guiding principle of ambient music is that the sounds should have such a peculiar and detailed character that they transport the listener to an entirely other world – the word etymologically is connecting to a sense of surrounding, encircling. This record always encircles my whole mind when I put it on and takes me to a very deep place. It doesn't really do well as background music. It's not ambient in that sense – it's pretty aggressive. I've always been really bowled by this quote from [the French philosopher] Malebranche that, "Attention is the natural prayer of the soul." That's the vibe with that record. To pay attention to something is a very confusing thing, though when you engage with this album it becomes very, very engrossing and psychedelic. The sounds here are so thick and the distortion is so intense, though it's so happy sounding.