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Baker's Dozen

In Place: Yann Tiersen's Favourite Albums
Fred Bowler , November 2nd, 2016 09:56

With his ninth album, EUSA, out now, the French composer and multi-instrumentalist takes Fred Jage-Bowler from the Velvets to Bill Callahan via NEU!, Vashti Bunyan and Joanna Newsom on a tour of his favourite records


Vashti Bunyan – Lookaftering
I discovered her quite recently, maybe ten years ago. This is a great folk record, with beautiful, beautiful songs. To me, Vashti Bunyan is like a feminine Nick Drake. She lived a simple life and completely quit the music industry for a long time. The amazing thing about her is she did this album, Diamond Day, in the late '60s and then in 2005 she did this, another album, and it became really beautiful again. I think it's actually the best album she ever did. I really admire that, when you stay away from the business for such a long time and then do a masterpiece.