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PLAYLIST: 10 Years Of Plex With BleeD
Christian Eede , October 31st, 2016 10:54

As the team behind Plex celebrates a decade of putting on parties in London, we present a playlist of tracks selected by those playing their 10th birthday this Friday

This weekend marks the tenth birthday of one of London's best techno promoters, Plex, and they are celebrating the milestone, alongside the team behind fellow promoters BleeD, with another of their infamous 12-hour parties at Corsica Studios this Friday (November 4).

The party will see the two promoters take over the three rooms of Corsica for a line-up spanning all manner of dark and particularly banging electronic music including two special guests that will not be revealed until the night as well as Perc, A Made Up Sound, Neel, Ancient Methods, Varg, Peverelist and many more.

Tickets will be available on the door when the club opens at 10pm on Friday night but it's recommended that those wanting to attend pick up advance tickets which you can purchase here. Below, to whet your appetite for the night, you can check out a collection of tracks specially selected by those playing on the night.

Secret Guest 1 picks DJ Bone - 'Higher'

"Can't wait!"

Secret Guest 2 picks Wata Igarashi - 'Mantle'

Perc picks Vlaysin - 'Acid Dedication'

"Chaos guaranteed every time this is dropped. Noise and acid in perfect harmony."

A Made Up Sound picks Shake - 'Perseverence'

"The track speaks for itself, consider it a personal big up to both Shake and yourselves!"

Neel picks Counterpart - 'Seven Sorrows'

"I got back on this track few months ago, while cleaning a records shelf. I saw it and i said to myself "how could I forget this record". Smooth and old school at the same time, I really love it. Simply killer."

Ancient Methods picks Zex Model - 'Dead City Central'

"Black Metal-ish vocals, Italo Disco, paired with rock guitar riffs and gregorian chants? It was only Paul aka Zex Model who could stir it all together and it would not sound embarrassing but produce an explosive EBM stomper. His unorthodox approach was truly unique and his passing has been a great loss."

Blind Observatory picks Philippe Cam - 'Karine'

"Techno without kickdrum. Hasn’t left my bag in ten years."

Volte-Face picks Anja Zaube - Ravenous (Blind Observatory Remix)

"I’m really pleased to play alongside Blind Observatory for his first UK show. He won me over with his Berghain sets, which are high on emotion, and with an eye for lost or forgotten gems. He’s also a top producer!"

Manni Dee picks Fixmer-Mccarthy - You Want It (Dave Clarke Remix)

"I'll be playing live so this is the track that embodies the Plex sprit for me, and something I'd play if I were DJing."

Varg picks Kojo Funds x Abra Cadabra - Dun Talkin'

"RIP Etos, RIP Asocial. Free my brothers. Dresscode Gore-Tex. Dresscode Brut Imperial."

Tasha picks Truss - 'Beacon (MPIA3 Definition)'

"It's hard to choose one! Was going through Landstrumm tracks but then Truss' 'Beacon' popped up on the search and I thought 'yeah, you know what, the MPIA3 Remix pretty much sums Plex up!"

Kirsti picks Matt Whitehead - 'Tuff City'

"Plex classic, especially if we're talking about celebrating 10 years of the party! Reminds me of the time I started coming to Plex, getting to know the crew and those endless afters sessions."

No Data Available picks NRSB-11 - 'Consumer Programming'

"Bit of an old tune, but definitely reminds me of those more esoteric and leftfield Plex sets."

Strepsil picks Gesloten Cirkel - 'Zombie Machine (Acid)'

"Techno. Electro. Acid. Bass - Plex to a T."

Choronzon picks Croatian Amor - 'Any Life You Want'/br>

"Brooding cinematic soundscapes fractured by glacial shards and disembodied incantations."

Skunkrock picks Arabian Prince - 'Statix'

"It's been a while since I played in Room 2 at Corsica so very much looking forward to testing out the new booth with some bumpin’ electro. This awesome Arabian Prince track never leaves my crate. See you all on the dancefloor!"

Luke Handsfree picks Andy C - 'Mind Rise'

"An acid breakbeat face-melter for the 'ardcore raver. This one pushes all my buttons; ruffneck beats, burbling acid and that hell-for-leather peak-time vibe. Get in!"

James Tec picks Difficult Child - 'Big Bang'

"Now well over 23 years old but for me still sounding just as intense and relevant. This track used to completely destroy squat parties, clubs, anywhere it was played. A dancefloor annihilator in full-on destruction mode."

10 Years Of Plex With BleeD takes place at Corsica Studios this Friday (November 4) - to get tickets, click here