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LISTEN: D.Glare Remixes Sim Hutchins
Lottie Brazier , October 21st, 2016 12:14

One half of Chrononautz remixes Sim Hutchins single; listen below

D.Glare is now working as a mastering engineer under the moniker Declared Sound, in tangent to his work in techno duo Chrononautz. His first mastering project is that of Sim Hutchins’ new double A-side Melanotan II / No Paco Rabanne on No Pain In Pop. Sim Hutchins released his ambient techno debut, I Enjoy To Sweep A Room, in late 2015.

Here, he has remixed track ‘No Paco Rabanne’, pushing it from scatty, meandering IDM into a club-friendly tempo. He says that “Sim is a good friend of [his] and simply because I heard a loop while mastering that'd make for a good remix, I went ahead and did one.” The original track was released as a requiem to the short-lived genre UK Funky, back in September. You can check out the remix above.

D.Glare’s new double album is set to be released on Opal Tapes soon while Chrononautz will be playing on tQ’s stage at Simple Things tomorrow (October 22).