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Quietus Festival At WORM Rotterdam
Fred Bowler , October 20th, 2016 11:33

Day festival co-curated by tQ with Mike Watt, ILL, our own John Doran and more at the end of the month

The Quietus and WORM are pleased to announce a mini-festival celebrating music and friendship alike.

Taking place at the Dutch haven of alternative culture, Rotterdam's “avant-garde recreation centre,” the event is the result of efforts to arrange “a nice day out with friends”, as Richard Foster, one of the organisers, says.

WORM is known for its manifold cultural activities spanning the arts, theatre, film and radio, as well as for its non-conformist spirit hailing from the heart of Rotterdam. Additionally, it has become something of a go-to destination for international electronic musicians due to its large collection of analogue synthesisers. Now tQ and WORM are preparing for a full day of fun devoid of music industry standards and expectations.

In times where it isn't at all clear what to expect from a music festival, where music is but one fraction of an all-encompassing consumer experience, this reduction to the absolutely vital ingredient, good bands, is indeed becoming a rare feat. With Mike Watt of DIY legends The Minutemen performing with his progressive rock outfit Il Sogno Del Marinaio featuring Stefano Pilia and Andrea Belfi and local noise punk group Bonne Aparte playing, that goal seems attainable. Festivities further include a show by Belgium's The Germans, showcasing their “different” brand of psychedelic music, feminist post-punk band ILL, John Doran reading from his book and a number of WORM and tQ-selected films and club cuts.

tQ's co-curated day with WORM takes place on October 29. Click here for tickets.