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LISTEN: GNOD & Surgeon collaborate
John Doran , September 29th, 2016 08:38

Two Quietus favourites get together to make Behind The Lids CD

Exploratory Salford band GNOD have teamed up with techno producer Surgeon to produce the two track Behind The Lids release, which is out today on Tesla Tapes.

All proceeds from the release will go to Islington Mill's roof repair fund. The Mill is the Victorian industrial building in Salford where the band (and many other artists from various disciplines) live and work.

Islington Mill is the site of a great deal of fantastic music and art events, and one of tQ's favourite UK venues, as well as having an excellent, fully functioning B&B but over in the block where the residents live, the roof is compromised and during Manchester's recent torrential storms, water was flowing down the walls.

Watch this space for more on GNOD, their upcoming tenth birthday and Islington Mill over the coming year.

We spoke to Tony Child aka Surgeon about the collaboration recently.

How did you first meet up with GNOD?

Tony Surgeon: I read about them in The Wire magazine and it mentioned that Gnod was 'Krautrock' influenced. I'm usually quite underwhelmed by current bands who are said to be krautrock influenced, but I could hear real honesty in their music. I felt the urge to get in contact with them to let them know how much I was enjoying what I was hearing. I think that was via Twitter.

Can you tell me something about the process and set up for making Behind The Lids?

TS: The piece was quite complete when Paddy [Shine, guitar, vocals, electronics etc.] sent it to me. He said that everyone had added different parts and he invited me to add some more. I decided to just lightly 'tickle' the piece, so as not to overwhelm what was already there (which sounded great) I added my parts using a Buchla Music Easel and a Buchla 200e system.

What do you think of their space - Islington Mill in Salford; what it allows them to do and the importance of working space for British underground artists in general?

TS: Behind The Lids was a remote collaboration, but I went up to Islington Mill recently to do some more recording and hang out. I was really impressed, it seemed like a really supportive and creative place. I'd say that's a really important place for underground artists. I've not seen a place like that work as well as Islington Mill before.

When I first saw GNOD eight years ago they were like a cross between Hawkwind, Amon Duul 2 and the Butthole Surfers but didn't you used to be in a space rock band as well years ago? Can you tell me something about that?

TS: I was in a space rock band called Blim. I made the weird noises and played tape loops. We did a few gigs and put out a couple of tapes. That experience definitely made me feel comfortable with Gnod and Islington Mill. To be honest I'm much more at home there than in a nightclub.

Are we now one step closer to seeing my dream GNOD/Lady GaGa collaboration?

TS: Seriously, if that happened then my work on this planet would be done.

Behind The Lids is out now