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Augmenting Reality: Devendra Banhart's Favourite Albums
Tara Joshi , September 28th, 2016 09:34

Following the release of his ninth album, Ape In Pink Marble, the LA-based singer-songwriter and artist opts against a theme of lobster-based smut (read on) and talks Tara Joshi through his 13 all-time favourite records


Gigi Masin – Talk To The Sea
I'm a very big fan and I love his sensitivity. I feel like he's predominantly known as, and really respected as, an electronic musician, but he's an incredible composer and an incredible singer and lyricist. I think within the electronic genre he really explores so much. He kind of has music that is representative of the entire spectrum of emotions, which is what I think I, as a fan of music, am often looking for. I want that musician to be there for all my emotions – I want to turn to them when I'm feeling happy, when I'm feeling sad, when I'm despondent and when I'm unenthused; the whole thing. He's a really nuanced composer and I listen to this record, I think, every day. Again, I travel so much and this record is sublime for travelling – put this on your headphones and go through an airport and it's like you're in a movie, it's unreal. It really augments reality – I feel bad that I can't just share my headphones, because I'm having such a good time going through customs thanks to him! He's a legend. I trust album art as a sign – I wish I had a better story about how I found this, 'because so and so played it for me…' though actually, Gigi Masin was on a comp so I first heard him on that and then Andy Cabic, of course, told me to check him out, so I went deep. Mostly how do you find out about music? You do the legwork.