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Baker's Dozen

Brain Food: Pete Fowler's Favourite Psychedelic Albums
Robin Turner , September 22nd, 2016 09:32

Before he brings his virtual-reality installation to the Liverpool Psych Fest this weekend, the Super Furry Animals collaborator and Monsterism creator takes Robin Turner on a tour of his 13 most out-there records


The United States Of America – The United States Of America
This band were in a similar-shaped box to Silver Apples. The nucleus of the band – Joe Byrd – was from an academic background; he was part of the Fluxus movement at the same time as Yoko Ono. He looked like a freak but wasn't druggy. The band were definitely writing lyrics that were less utopian than a lot of the stuff the hippies were writing at the time; there's a subversive edge seeping through the record that's evocative of what was going on in the States at the time – Vietnam, conscription, campus violence, the civil rights movement. You can really imagine this lot playing at a proper happening. A track like 'Love Song For The Dead Ché' is one of the most beautiful songs ever written, whereas some of the rest of it has a real jagged edge, a violence almost, that seems to come from Byrd's more experimental side. It's a very political record. Their second album even more so. I could easily have chosen that; this one just edged it for me today.