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Baker's Dozen

Brain Food: Pete Fowler's Favourite Psychedelic Albums
Robin Turner , September 22nd, 2016 09:32

Before he brings his virtual-reality installation to the Liverpool Psych Fest this weekend, the Super Furry Animals collaborator and Monsterism creator takes Robin Turner on a tour of his 13 most out-there records


Aphrodite's Child – 666
This album was massive for me. Still is. I first heard this on a cassette in the post from my brother with a note saying, "Demis Roussos on bass!" He put two tracks on there and they both blew my mind. I knew immediately I needed to find this record but was convinced it was incredibly obscure. A few weeks later, I was in this old drill hall in Falmouth that doubled up as a house-clearance furniture shop. Flicking through the records in there, between multiple copies of No Jacket Required and some Cornish male-voice choir stuff, there was 666. I bought it and raced home and was pretty pleased to hear it was a lot more bonkers than I could ever have imagined. This album is properly bonkers. The gatefold sleeve has a 2CV crashed into a wall; the music is so incredibly inspirational. As a piece of work it's outside of any frame of reference – it's like discovering a new colour or a new flavour. Every time I see a copy I have to buy it – I give it to anyone I know who doesn't have it yet.