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Dante's Pick: Director Joe Dante Selects His 13 Favourite Films
Ian Schultz , September 16th, 2016 08:40

To coincide with the release of his cult classic Matinee on Blu-Ray, the director of Gremlins, The Burbs and Explorers, Joe Dante, picks a Baker's Dozen of his favourite films for The Quietus


Mulholland Drive (David Lynch, 2001)

Getting onto the subject of movies that people don't necessarily understand, another of my favourite movies is David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, which is a mystery wrapped in an enigma inside a riddle. There are whole websites devoted to what the hell this picture really means, what’s it about, complicated of course by the fact that this was originally going to be a TV series, and the first half of the movie is basically the pilot that was rejected by the network. With the aid of Canal+ and some investors, Lynch was able to revisit the movie and to completely turn it inside out. I mean, one never knows what his original intent was when this was going to be a series. But in turning it into a feature film, the new material that he adds, which comes roughly in the second half of the picture, is so mindbending that it changes everything that you’ve seen before, and it makes you question the reality of the world you’re watching and then also the world you're living in. In addition it’s really well made, and it’s got a great music score, and terrific performances. It’s a movie that you can revisit time and time again and always find something new in.