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Chromatics Producer Accused Of Stealing Track
Christian Eede , August 16th, 2016 12:18

Former label partner Mike Simonetti says Johnny Jewel re-recorded his track and passed it off as his own

Chromatics producer Johnny Jewels has been accused by Italians Do It Better co-founder Mike Simonetti of stealing a track and passing it off as his own.

“Johnny Jewel Padgett from Chromatics stole my song ‘The Magician’ and released it under the name ‘Symmetry’,” Simonetti said in a tweet. “When I sent him the song, he told me he wanted to add some instrumentation to give it ‘the Johnny Jewel shimmer’ (his words).”

Simonetti says that Jewel took the original track off a compilation, After Dark 2, and re-recorded it. No response from Jewel on the accusation yet.