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Baker's Dozen

Addicted To Serendipity: Hayden Thorpe Of Wild Beasts' Baker's Dozen
Kiran Acharya , July 20th, 2016 09:47

As the Cumbrian quartet prepare to release their "'fuck you' to adulthood", Boy King, their singer and guitarist takes us through 13 LPs that shaped it, including Nine Inch Nails, Max Richter and Oneohtrix Point Never


Seal – Seal
He is part of my DNA. I was born in the late '80s, and I guess the first song that really moved me was 'Crazy'. As a child it really connected with me. This appears here because during our time writing Boy King we met up with Trevor Horn a few times and Trevor Horn is behind this record.

We had one really beautiful meeting where Trevor came down to our studio. Our label boss from Domino was in the room as well. It was really quiet. We played him 'Big Cat'. And he said: "The problem with music nowadays is that it comes in your face after two minutes. That song needs a middle eight." I was able to turn around to him and say, well, you were involved in my favourite middle eight of all time, from 'Crazy', how did you do it? I think a lot of creatives are addicted to serendipity, but that kind of serendipity really stops you in your tracks sometimes.