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WATCH: Ben 'The Rebel' Wallers Interview
Ollie Zhang , July 19th, 2016 11:10

Alastair Shuttleworth talks to Country Teasers frontman in NSFW interview; watch below

“Why won’t Thatcher let everything be free? / Why must I pay for a fucking cup of tea?” Ben Wallers asks in ‘Why Must I Pay’ during his set at Bristol’s Exchange. The two-part Spakenkreuz, above, features "not shit, but minimalist" footage from Wallers’ performance, interspersed with clips of an interview with the man himself. Hear him discuss lyric-borrowing, Burroughs, and the story behind 'Spakenkreuz' above.

Ben Wallers is best known for his work as 'The Rebel' and as the frontman of the influential Country Teasers. His scathing satire has earned him a reputation for the grotesque over his 20 year career. Part two of the feature sees Wallers explaining the story behind his moniker, discussing the Country Teaser’s legacy and talking about his bold sense of humour.