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Interactive Guide To Polish Electronic Music Launched
Christian Eede , July 7th, 2016 16:44 presents audio-visual guides on Polish electronic music, photography and film

An English-language interactive guide focussed on giving a detailed look at contemporary Polish electronic music has been launched.

Making use of moving images, sound bites and film clips, the guide moves through the recent history of Poland, delivering a concise history of Polish electronic and experimental music specifically aimed at English speakers.

As Adam Zulawski, consultant managing editor of the English section of explains: "At, we're always trying new things to promote Polish culture. We chose electronic music specifically because the story of the craft in Poland is really unusual and there's so much great stuff happening here today."

Through focussing on the initial producers of electronic music in Poland, operating under the radar in an era of cultural restriction, the guide traces an upwards trajectory through the complex historical situation of Poland, from the 1950s to the modern day. We spoke with the writer of the guide, Wojciech Oleksiak, below to find out more. has also produced interactive guides on Polish cinema and photography, detailing a wealth of Polish culture with a far reaching influence that is often ignored. Read the interactive guide here.

Do you think that Polish music is currently experiencing a moment of greater recognition worldwide?

Wojciech Oleksiak: I really do. It’s the Internet era and all the boundaries have fallen, chances are equal. Polish artists bring to the table not only their individual talents but also something I’d call the Central European melancholy, a lovely phenomenon unseen elsewhere. They bring dusty samples from albums the Western world has never heard about, they have a different background. In consequence, they not only get signed by labels abroad more often than ever but also they start forming their own groups, becoming increasingly vocal within the electronic music scene – just like The Very Polish Cut Outs which evolved into Transatlantyk and is making serious noise in Berlin.

Are there any pivotal artists or albums that you'd recommend to someone coming anew to the scene?

WO: I’d strongly recommend checking two compilations: Polo House - A Look Into The Bowels Of The Polish House Underground released by Transatlantyk and SIDE ONE TEN - Ten Years Of Side One Record Store Warsaw by S1 Warsaw. Those selections, compiled, will give you a not-too-long, yet pretty decent overview of what’s cooking up here and are certainly a good place to start a more in-depth journey.

Which of the scene's younger artists are you listening to?

WO: I’m really glad you asked about it as it gives me a chance to mention those who didn’t make it into our loaded guides. My personal favourites are Piotr Kurek, RSS B0YS, as well as many other artists from the Mik.Musik.!. label. SOTEI, a producer drummer duo, was on my playlist for a long time and I listen to ZAMILSKA whenever I feel a craving for the dark side of the techno force. Two weeks ago, I got totally blown away by a song from a young Polish producer called Duit and the American singer-songwriter Jesse Boykins III. Their All the People is a thing of rare beauty. This list could go on and on.