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Collaboration Elaboration: RM Hubbert's Favourite Albums
Nicola Meighan , June 29th, 2016 08:42

Following the release of his new album, Telling The Trees, the Glaswegian singer-songwriter talks Nicola Meighan through his 13 top records by artists he's worked with over the course of his musical career


Tattie Toes – Turnip Famine
Nerea Bello's voice on this is incredible. She's from the Basque Country, and she's got this very emotive, flamenco style. I've never collaborated with her though – I've always been really hesitant about working with other people who have a flamenco feel, because I think what makes my stuff interesting is taking this flamenco thing, and then melodically doing something very different. But I've worked with Rafe Fitzpatrick [Tattie Toes violinist, on 'Half Light' from Thirteen Lost & Found] and Shane Connolly [Tattie Toes drummer on 'Hungarian Notation' from the same album].

Tattie Toes was the highlight of what they've all done together – it's so unusual and brilliant and strange. There's bits of bIG fLAME and Minutemen in there, there's bits of ancient flamenco music, there's Japanese rhythms. And they're gone now. This record's all there's going to be from them, I think.

It's weird – it's an album I love that I can't listen to very often. I listen to most music in the car now, because I'm busy and because Game Of Thrones isn't going to watch itself. But I can't concentrate on Turnip Famine properly when I'm driving. It'd be dangerous. It needs investment and time and energy to get everything out of it.