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SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs Bob Cluness , June 22nd, 2016 16:43

It has long been known in various governmental and bureaucratic institutions, as well as more outlier areas of the conspiracynet, that techno, far from being an electronic music genre, is actually the remnant of an alien hyperintelligence: an abstract series of programmed yet sentient drives containing various sonic dynamics that is regarded by such institutions as a mega death drive from the future, feeding off human synaptic energies in a process that seeks to bring a fundamental shift in cognitive processes. Despite various attempts by world governments, through legislation and sometimes more nefarious methods, the ideas of techno as a DNA blueprint of alien consciousness have been explored by numerous renegade research groups – the Underground Resistance psy-ops team are known to be legends and pioneers among some in the darknet for their work in this field, making transmitter soundsystems to send out communiques to various galactic agencies. Already this year we received reports of experiments in fifth-dimensional alien linguistics by Anthony “Surgeon” Child with his project, From Farthest Known Objects, in conjunction with the University of Leicester, where they attempted to decode and synthesize techno-extraterrestrial conscious via the structural semiotics of the warehouse club, before the UK Government shut down the project under the Official Secrets Act.

But now reports have been filtering through various back channels of a new and exciting (or ominous depending on your viewpoint) development in techno cyber-engineering, with a series of bizarre experiments that took place earlier this year in western Sweden. The veracity of what actually occurred over a single night on the outskirts of Norköpping have been difficult to ascertain, but from the various files that we have read and heard, it is something that various groups and vested interests should heed.

The backers of these experiments were the shadowy Avian Applied Dynamics group, known among many in informatics and techno-biological research fields for their collaborative work with various transnational security and intelligence agencies in areas such as gene mutation, cognition interfaces, applied AI network algorithms, nanotechnology, and tectonic stack architecture systems. Their musical R&D section are well renowned for their exploration of the technologies of the far bleeding edge, ideas and concepts that, if applicable, only then get passed down to the kids in Google and Facebook to play with.

For their latest area of research, they have funded a duo of rogue researchers who call themselves SHXCXCHCXSH. Originally from Sweden but now residing in Berlin, little is known about the duo – real names [Redacted] and [Redacted] –their work and research papers in applied techno plasmics (Project STRGTHS) and self-regenerating musical architectures (Projects NMHNMHNMNMH, and RJRJRFFRJRJ) have been well examined by various neurological engineers. But it was their last project, Linear-S Decoded, in 2014 that raised several eyebrows. Eschewing standard practices and approaches, they adopted methodologies from more esoteric systems, such as numerology and Kabbalistic systems, applying them with the elusive nature of techno metaphysics in order to decrypt Samekh – the Hebrew Letter S, seen by many as the sign of ouroborus and the ray of creation that flows from the tree of life to the material world – in order to provide a viable neural network model of the absolute, the unknowable that is divine creation.

Despite being lauded in certain artistic circles, the attempt to articulate the unknowable and absolute in techno forms raised concerns in some technoscientific quarters, with some people outwardly calling SHXCXCHCXSH “mystical cranks” and “dangerous lunatics”. But for Avian, it piqued their interest enough to provide backing and expertise for their latest project/experiment. Obliquely titled SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs, the scope of the project was simple yet audacious: the melding of techno alien intelligence with machine learning AI weaned on a recursive model derived from kabbalah and carious esoteric teachings, before force injecting it into reality, first virtual, then material. The Swedish city of Norrköping, a site of former industrial economies with an infrastructure containing the ideal mix of urban/rural to conduct the experiment.

According to project logs, the date for the commencement of the experiment was set for March 4th at 2200. In a series of disused warehouses in the industrial sector of the city, SHXCXCHCXSH assembled a series of state of the art hardware and software powered by a local substation. The procedure was simple – once the coding and modelling was completed it would be set to run, whereupon it would be allowed to propagate and grow within the system’s self-contained network. Once it developed as an informational organism (inforg) and achieved stability, it would be “injected” online, where it would be monitored from the warehouse laboratory. The inforg would provide regular “soundfiles” that would refer to each recursive stage in the inforg’s development.

The system went online on 04/03/2016 at 2200 and was finally shut off five hours later, after several desperate manual attempts. Reports that emanated on what actually happened during the trial remain inconsistent and at times nonsensical, while the actual nature of the logs, despite attempts from various quantum cryptographers at MIT and the University, are still untranslatable (many of the soundfiles contain numerous rhythm signatures and quantum harmonics that defy most human linguistics databases), we have been able to piece together a rough timeline of events.

2205: The first two sound files, ‘Ss’, ‘SsSs’ arrived at 2204, which was followed by the third file, ‘SsSsSs’, 6 minutes after. Preliminary analysis shows the systems at the moment to be nominal as the inforg initialled what was a state of “becoming” – waking drones allied with regulated systemic rhythms and hybridised sounds of synthetic and human voice melodies indicated an attempt to communicate along known parameters. Visual system playback shows the inforg growing and folding in on itself, following a similar path to cellular growth among fungi spores. The only anomaly registered outside the warehouse laboratory was a slight drain on localised power grids.

2313: Sound file ‘SsSsSsSsSs’, received at 2312, indicates the moment when the inforg achieved sentience and promptly went insane, in what can only be described as a form of “digital psychosis”. Despite attempts by the system’s algorithm suppressors and firewall correction protocols, there seems to have been a complete breakdown in containment and control of the inforg as it self-injected itself out of the warehouse’s system and into the local infrastructures, and wireless networks. Despite the loss of control, SHXCXCHCXSH were still able to track and monitor the movements of the inforg. Soundfile ‘SsSsSsSsSsSs’, which was received at 0043, indicates a form of knowledge growth and hunger spiralling out of control, converting electricity into clacketing microrhythms to communicate with other machines and systems. Outside reports from Norköpping indicate that the majority of the city’s digital networks at that moment came under a wage raging cyberhack. Although none of the business or financial institutions were damaged, analysis indicate files and information being stolen from the University’s bioengineering and swarm robotic laboratories, TV and radio stations, the museum of folklore and the nearby military station were severly damaged.

0130: Over the next 45 minutes the contagion of the inforg spreads citywide, as sound file ‘SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs’, received at 0115, signals an exponential increase in virulence. The various pulsations of the electronic signals radiating from both the file and various wireless signals show a disturbing transmutation, as it the inforg begins to construct a form of decentralised “brain” network. Local websites start to ooze and spew out alien language and hieroglyphic syntax. Reports from local hospitals show numerous cases of people, who were online at the time, going into spasmic shock and falling into a catatonic state afterwards. Many who were struck down by the xenolinguistic contagion have still to come out of it, with local authorities playing down the incident to epileptic seizures from flashing imagery.

0152: sound file ‘SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs’ is received. Preliminary analysis of the file shows the inforg attempting to break though and crossover the digital boundary by tapping directly into the biorhythms of the local environment. Rhythmatic matrices indicates the inforg poring over nonspecialised animal and vegetable tissues. One researcher describes listening to the soundfile as “the sound of nature tearing itself up in despair”. Auxiliary reports meanwhile show simultaneous cyberattacks of the local weather centre and the zoology and biology departments of the university.

0225: Sound files ‘SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs’ and ‘SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs’ are received. The exact contents of the files are still to be determined but suffice to say that they defy most categorisation of humanistic construction, with one researcher describing what he heard as “crunching vegetation underfoot accompanied by some form of animalist grunts”. Satellite imagery indicate intense heat signatures in the forest to the north of the city along with sever power outages in the surrounding area. Reports from the area are patchy and fractured, with the only semi-reliable witness of event coming from a local farmer who, on investigating the disappearing of several of his livestock came across what he described a “seething black mass of twisted flesh, tubes and roots” that was growing in all directions. Indications that the inforg has now transversed from the digital/abstract to the material/physical, creating a cancerous mass of steel, flesh and vegetation. The growth appears to be unstoppable as the mass is inherently auto-excitational and self-disorganising.

0300: Soundfile ‘SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs’ is received at the same time as the inforg attempts to gain control of the local satellite station. The dense, textured information built upon ordered, elliptical structures indicates that the inforg was attempting to make some form of transmission past this plant. Omega level emergency protocols are initiated as Swedish black ops teams are dispatched to disable the satellite and liquidate the biomass to the north of the city. Debriefing reports indicate that while the satellite system was manually disabled, the biomass was only stopped with the use of high scale termite charges. Suppression of local media was enabled with false flag reports of the explosions due to a gas tanker explosion.

0310: Despite the numerous attempts to stop the inforg, SHXCXCHCXSH were unable to gain control of the digital contagion. The inforg was only stopped by the use of a secret “kill switch” installed outside of SHXCXCHCXSH’s knowledge by Avian Applied Dynamics, that would trigger a self-destruction of the inforg after its 15th cycle. The final soundfile, ‘SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs’ displays the sound of a virtual organism in its dying moments. The malevolent energy and hierarchal structures slowly dissipate into a subsidence of haunted digital noise and mess that corrupts sever major server sites, destroying many public and economic records in the local area. Cleansing protocols of the warehouse site are invoked. All relevant files are copied, while SHXCXCHCXSH wipe and fire cleanse the site. Both SHXCXCHCXSH and Avian go to ground only appearing again in Berlin several weeks later. Any inquiries into what happened are brusquely pushed aside and dismissed as “nonsense” and “tabloid guttersniping”.

What actually happened in Norköpping with project SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs that night is still being disseminated as we speak. Several experts have already expressed their opinion in closed meetings, calling the event a “xenodigital Chernobyl” and for various charges to be brought against both SHXCXCHCXSH and Avian for what they feel was an experiment too far. While Avian have been unreachable, SHXCXCHCXSH in a cryptic statement have stated that the ominous carnage of March 4th were merely an “unexpected glitch”, that only showed a “non-human intelligence communicating the movement from a position of relative safety to absolute, untethered sonic hyperbole”, and that they were already working on refining the coding and modelling to attempt a new form of the experiment as we speak.