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Baker's Dozen

About The Heart: Greg Fox Of Guardian Alien's Favourite Albums
Tristan Bath , June 22nd, 2016 07:53

Before he takes part in no fewer than three performances at Roskilde festival next week, the Guardian Alien drummer, Liturgy man and prolific collaborator guides Tristan Bath through his top 13 records


The USA Is A Monster – Sunset At The End Of The Industrial Age
They were dudes from New York, around about the sort of Lightning Bolt days, and they put a bunch of records out. They don't play together any more. But Colin Langenus and Thom Hohman are now good friends of mine. I was definitely really inspired by Thom's drumming and his approach to lyrics, and the sound of that band considering it was just two people! I picked that record because I think it kind of speaks to the power of rock & roll in some ways, the lyrical content, it's a very political record. I mean, I agree with their politics (it's kind of hard not to), but the whole record is talking about, well exactly what the title of the record says. There are some tracks on there that really get me. 'Okeepa Ceremony' is a fairly good one and 'Voices To Be Heard' is one of my favourite songs ever. I have this fantasy of Guardian Alien covering most of this record for a show or something like that. Alex [Drewchin] is a shredder, so she could definitely handle the guitar duties. We'll see whether or not that actually goes down. I doubt it.