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Baker's Dozen

About The Heart: Greg Fox Of Guardian Alien's Favourite Albums
Tristan Bath , June 22nd, 2016 07:53

Before he takes part in no fewer than three performances at Roskilde festival next week, the Guardian Alien drummer, Liturgy man and prolific collaborator guides Tristan Bath through his top 13 records


Aphex Twin – Drukqs
That record, man. It definitely scratches my breakbeat itch, that snare-rush vibe, and the tempo of it. There's humour in it, and there's also a lot of sweetness in it. It was also so mysterious – at the time I didn't know how he was making this music! I had no idea, and I really didn't get it, and had no experience making electronic music. I'd like… messed around with FruityLoops a little. When you hear that shit, you just think, "Holy fuck!" I would imagine what the equipment would look like that he was using.

What a huge force in music. Again I'm just so glad that Aphex Twin exists, and that it's gotten around as much as it has. I never tire of it either, I still listen to that record a lot.

Do you think it had any influence on the way you drum?

I think it did. I definitely like what that music does to your heartbeat. I wanted from pretty early on to recreate the way that music affected my heart and body. And when I was actually like going to all these jungle and drum & bass parties in New York as a teenager, there were guys who were drumming! They were doing that stuff on the drums. Jojo Mayer, Guy Licata, and a whole load of other guys… but mainly those two, and I was learning from them. Listening to that stuff was a big part of the influences that funneled into my head and affected where my drumming went.