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Baker's Dozen

About The Heart: Greg Fox Of Guardian Alien's Favourite Albums
Tristan Bath , June 22nd, 2016 07:53

Before he takes part in no fewer than three performances at Roskilde festival next week, the Guardian Alien drummer, Liturgy man and prolific collaborator guides Tristan Bath through his top 13 records


Alice Coltrane – Journey In Satchidananda
It's just so good. Pharoah Sanders is playing. Rashied Ali is playing. Alice is playing. It's just beautiful, and it's so visual for me. Especially 'Shiva-Loka' – I see things when I hear that. I see a crane by a pond, and all this nature imagery. It's just beautiful. I don't even feel like I'm listening to music, more like I'm watching David Attenborough's Planet Earth.

Do you have any thoughts on Rashied Ali? He's always been an unusual and divisive drummer.

I really love his drumming. I really started getting into him after listening to this record actually. And my discovery of this record was actually during a, sort of… psychedelic situation. Which definitely enhanced its impact on me. A controlled psychedelic situation.