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Baker's Dozen

About The Heart: Greg Fox Of Guardian Alien's Favourite Albums
Tristan Bath , June 22nd, 2016 07:53

Before he takes part in no fewer than three performances at Roskilde festival next week, the Guardian Alien drummer, Liturgy man and prolific collaborator guides Tristan Bath through his top 13 records


Genius/GZA – Liquid Swords
I was listening to Wu-Tang in elementary school, I've definitely been into them for a long time – Wu-Tang somehow infiltrated. It was weird back then and puzzled a lot of people. I used to go to HMV and buy CDs, and I often didn't know anything about the music prior. I got Wu-Tang Forever first, and then I traced the web of Wu-Tang out from there to 36 Chambers and all the solo stuff. I really love almost all of it, but Liquid Swords is just so good and so smart. GZA's just such a great lyricist. The imagery, the production, the rhymes – it's just different. I still really love it – I saw him play at Moogfest.

I always particularly loved how Liquid Swords is a relatively brief 50 minutes compared to the usual 60-80 minutes for the genre.

It's just strong from beginning to end, and there's nothing weak at any point on that record. It's good, and then it's over: how often do you get that?