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LISTEN: Pauline Oliveros Mixtape
Christian Eede , June 16th, 2016 13:13

Composers puts together collection of her music ahead of DEEP∞MINIMALISM appearance

DEEP∞MINIMALISM will see a number of special performances at St John's Smith Square next weekend with the focus on offering revellers a more calm festival experience.

On June 24, the London Contemporary Orchestra and composer Shiva Feshareki will perform a special piece by Pauline Oliveros with rocks sourced from the Suffolk coastlines. It’s part of a consistently groundbreaking career of work from the composer and above she offers us a mixtape featuring other work of hers as a taster of her appearance at the festival.

On the same evening, they will also interpret Daphne Oram’s never before performed work ‘Still Point’ as well as a work for 23 stringed instruments by John Cage. The festival will also host music by Mica Levi performed by Eliza McCarthy and much more. Oliveros leads a rare mass performance herself of her piece 'Turning Meditation' on June 26.

"For an introduction to some of my music I have put together a mixtape from eight different releases with dates ranging from 1983 to 2010," says Oliveros of the mix. "The eight excerpts are about three minutes each. The excerpts are faded in and out continuously from one to another for about 25 minutes of music."

DEEP∞MINIMALISM takes place at St John's Smith Square from June 24-26. To get all the details and purchase tickets, click here.