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Baker's Dozen

Music Of The Spheres: Rhys Chatham's Favourite Albums
Danny Riley , June 15th, 2016 10:37

The veteran avant-garde composer picks records by Morton Subotnick, Charlemagne Palestine and Maryanne Amacher and more to tell Danny Riley how his music, including new album Pythagorean Dream, has evolved


Maryanne Amacher – Sound Characters (Making The Third Ear)
I met her along with Charlemagne. She was older than me so I was wowed, and again, it was music of long duration. She had all kinds of crazy ideas. She did a piece that was kind of like tinnitus. Even if you don't have it you can always hear a high-pitched sound – Maryanne did a duet with sounds you hear in your head and external frequencies. It was really beautiful, because you couldn't tell what you were hearing in your head and what was outside. All her pieces had that explorative quality.