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Baker's Dozen

Energy Capture: Byetone's Favourite Albums
Christian Eede , June 8th, 2016 08:39

The producer and co-founder of Raster-Noton talks Christian Eede through a "rock-oriented" selection of his favourite records as the pioneering German electronic music label celebrate two decades of operations


burger/ink – [las vegas]
What I always really liked from both Wolfgang and Jörg was their connection to pop music because they were being influenced by so much past music too and making techno from this perspective. That was especially the case with Wolfgang, because you could hear some Detroit influence but it was also very German.

Were your experiences of the scene in Cologne quite formative to the label then?

What I really liked at the time we were visiting Cologne was that the people there liked local artists and that was very new to me. In our region, it was always really difficult to play in front of your own people, so for example, when we started Rastermusic, nobody was interested. It was a very hip-hop-influenced scene there, so nobody was interested in electronic music then. It took a while to get some attention there. It was only when we started getting some international attention that it changed. In Cologne, it was completely different and people there were celebrating their own artists while they were also some of the first people in Germany to embrace jungle sound systems in the early '90s. It was really the music capital of Germany at that time and there was a long tradition of electronic music there with Can and Stockhausen.