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Baker's Dozen

Energy Capture: Byetone's Favourite Albums
Christian Eede , June 8th, 2016 08:39

The producer and co-founder of Raster-Noton talks Christian Eede through a "rock-oriented" selection of his favourite records as the pioneering German electronic music label celebrate two decades of operations


Stewart Walker – Stabiles
I have to stay that I know Stewart a little and I think this record was done by random. He is a really good drummer and he was never so focused on electronic or techno-ish music – not so much as this record suggests anyway. Over the years, there is a lot of music you might like, but you will eventually forget. For myself and the internal Raster-Noton group, though, this is a record that has always stayed with us. Maybe it's not so well-known and it's not the first album to push in this direction, but over the course of its runtime, it has a really nice flow and it's very minimalistic in the best way possible. It captures some of the energy from early techno.

This was released on the Force Inc. Music Works label, of course.

Before we started the label, we were doing a lot of travelling to Cologne and we really liked the music of [producer Jörg] Burger and there was the label Harvest that he released some of his music through. It was a very interesting scene and we saw one of the last live concerts there from Mike Ink [Wolfgang Voigt]. We had huge respect for the label and the party scene there, because we didn't have such a strong scene pushing those interesting sounds at home.