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Baker's Dozen

Energy Capture: Byetone's Favourite Albums
Christian Eede , June 8th, 2016 08:39

The producer and co-founder of Raster-Noton talks Christian Eede through a "rock-oriented" selection of his favourite records as the pioneering German electronic music label celebrate two decades of operations


This Mortal Coil – It'll End In Tears
This is a particularly interesting album, because it came together from lots of 4AD acts collaborating.

I have to say, at the time, when I first discovered this record, I didn't know so much about 4AD. I recognised the label but I hadn't realised the significance of it all until later. To me, this album is quite sweet and light but also dark at the same time. It's very emotional music and it's really hard to capture the emotions they do in a compact way. After the Wall fell, there was a huge gothic and darkwave scene growing in the ex-GDR and there was a little too much of it, which turned it into a kind of circus. But This Mortal Coil did it well and better than everybody else at that time.