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Baker's Dozen

Bear Necessities: Gold Panda's Favourite Albums
John Freeman , June 1st, 2016 08:29

Following the release of his third album, Good Luck And Do Your Best, Derwin talks to John Freeman about the 13 albums, from Michael Jackson to the Akira soundtrack, that helped shape his Gold Panda project


Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love
This was a late edition to the list. Maybe about five years ago, I wouldn't have chosen this. It is the album that a friend and I would listen to the most together, while we were on tour, driving across America. We would listen to 'Running Up That Hill' endlessly. I have to say that I thought I never really liked singing and vocals. However, looking back at these album choices, clearly I must like singing.

Again, this album has a story – a clear beginning, middle and end – and it never gets boring. This album also has all those great synth sounds, which later would become part of what you would hear on Warp Records. I really like the second side – all the weird fantasy stuff with the voices telling her to "wake up". It is a weird album but it is a great album. It contains some of the most wonderful melodies.

This is really my one Kate Bush moment. For most of this list, it is not as if I have all the albums of the artists, except for Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. I have most of their albums, aside from the recent stuff. However, this is the only Kate Bush album I like.

Did you see her live shows in 2014?

No. I didn't go. It sold out in about five seconds. I never really go and see people live – I am really bad at that. It's because I like to listen to albums at home, in my own environment, and dream up all this stuff about them. I think that going to see them live might shatter that. Maybe, going to see Kate Bush live – or meeting Mark Fell from Snd - would have ruined everything from me. Therefore, I think I made a good decision not to go.