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Baker's Dozen

An Unexpected Journey: Elijah Wood's Favourite Albums
Ben Graham , May 27th, 2016 07:28

As his new film The Trust hits the cinemas, actor, movie producer and DJ Elijah Wood tells us about 13 albums that have blown him away at various points in his life


Gang of Four- Entertainment

What can I say about this record? It has an absolutely astonishing rhythm section. It's super groove-based, but there's an attack to the music that is extremely heavy and abrasive. Those two things operating in tandem is such an exciting thing to hear. You're locked into a groove that is almost funk-based; it's very bass-driven. And yet it's also dissonant and abrasive. It's just totally thrilling. I love that band and I think their first records are incredible, but this is the ultimate document of this band, and is certainly seminal in the post-punk canon. I had the pleasure of seeing the original line-up play at SXSW nine years ago, on a rooftop in Austin, Texas. They brought out a microwave oven and beat it rhythmically to the music, and I actually have a piece of the bat and a piece of the microwave oven. But man, what a treat to see those band members play those songs so perfectly. It's just an incredible record.