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Baker's Dozen

An Unexpected Journey: Elijah Wood's Favourite Albums
Ben Graham , May 27th, 2016 07:28

As his new film The Trust hits the cinemas, actor, movie producer and DJ Elijah Wood tells us about 13 albums that have blown him away at various points in his life


The Meters- Look Ka Py Py

For instrumental funk and groove it's just a seminal album. It's obviously been sampled innumerable times. It's an extraordinary thing, what those dudes managed to accomplish. The first three records I think are on this label called Josie, which I think was a local Louisiana label, and that represents all of their primarily instrumental work. Then I think they signed to a major and ultimately started singing a lot more, which is not good for anybody. And it led to the frat-rock crowd falling in love with their song 'Africa', which is a bit of a bummer. In fact the only time I've ever seen an iteration of The Meters live it was filled with white jocks! It was the fucking weirdest feeling! They didn't play a great deal of their instrumental music, and there were all these white dudes singing along, and I was like this is not right! It is not a good look! Anyway, I digress. This record is I believe their first. It's so tightly produced. The drumming is unbelievable. The guitar work is really specific, sonically, to them. It's a record I've listened to over and over again. Just simple instrumental funk played so expertly; it's an incredible record.