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PLAYLIST: My Disco's Favourite Australian Artists
Luke Turner , May 26th, 2016 10:49

Ahead of their show for tQ at Corsica Studios next Monday, the Australian group offer us a guide to the most exciting new sounds from their native country

MY DISCO, currently on tour across Europe, have taken some time out from staring from the windows of the tour bus to do the second in a new series of features whereby we get an artist we like to recommend a bunch of their favourite localish music - the first came courtesy of Russian duo Love Cult, now MD take us for a trip around Australia.

MY DISCO play Corsica Studios for The Quietus next Monday, May 30th with support from Hannah Sawtell and Sophie Coletta. Tickets and further details of the event are available here.

Xavier Irvine - Altona Gate

Xavier has been a friend of ours for years. originally a metal guitarist in various grind / death bands, his solo work is reminiscent of John Carpenter's early lo-fi soundtracks.

Dead Boomers - The Pig In The Python

Bludgeoning Industrial power electronic duo whom have been around through various forms in Melbourne for years. Bleak real life talk covered in all kinds of distortion.

Armour Group - Purge

Militant noise. Boyfriend/girlfriend duo. Very intense.

Makeda - Recreation

Makeda's ethereal 'Recreation' is deeply meditative and immersive. A very focused and attentive track that heals on every listen.

Regional Curse - Queer Scum

Stacey Wilson is a prolific artist. Regional Curse explores her ambient side. Similar in nature to HTRK / Tropic of Cancer vibes.

Erasers - By Your Side

Hailing from the far reaches of Western Australia, Erasers are another couple duo making incredible drone music out of Perth. They also really love small batch beer breweries.

Friendships - Monarch To The Kingdom Of The Dead

Friendships revel in cut up discordant grime jams with a heavy focus on live power visuals and a high energy live performance. They are like the Melbourne equivilent of Die Antwoord 'cept real AF.

Hoardes Of The Black Cross - The Stalker's Poison

Black metal done to perfection. These guys are so dark we have never been able to actually see them perform live due to their suburban obscurity.

Nerve - Heads And Ordinary Concrete

Solid new release from Josh Wells aka Nerve. Released on Melbournes finest collective A Colourful Storm.A super heavy and dark jungle-leaning track expresses Nerve's impressive unwordliness.

Cassius Select - He Ain't Worth

Cassius Select displaying his unrelenting dedication to rhythmic sharpness.