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Baker's Dozen

Thirteen Prayers: Kamasi Washington's Favourite Albums
Paul Smith , May 18th, 2016 11:43

Before he embarks on a summer of touring following his excellent 2015 album The Epic, the saxophonist and bandleader makes some difficult decisions to give Paul Smith 13 albums that affected his musical approach


Marvin Gaye – What's Going On
This was my realisation that you can take on the world around you, in a way that people can still hear years later. It's so political and strong and it comes from an honest place. That's what I've always tried to do with my music, speaking to what I see. Marvin Gaye did that so elegantly on this record. He was speaking about problems of the world but it comes from such a place of love. There's not so much anger and hatred as him speaking about love. That's really the way to reach people.