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SFTOC Sense Blasting Sunday In Salford
John Doran , April 28th, 2016 09:18

Sculpture, ILL, Chrononautz, Yossarians, Locean, The Interference, Big Sexy Land DJs & John Doran Live at the Kings Arms as part of Sounds From The Other City

In conjunction with Grey Lantern, tQ are proud to be presenting a stage at this year's Sounds From The Other City in Salford this weekend.

We've taken over upstairs and downstairs at The Kings Arms, 11 Bloom Street, M3 6AN to present some of our favourite live music.

It's our pleasure to be presenting psychedelic full immersion unit, Sculpture's first ever Manchester gig, not to mention the first northern excursion for Natalie Sharp's Interference; not to mention sets from MCR mavericks, Yossarians, ILL and Locean. Doors open at 3pm and there's a lot to see...


16.30 - Chrononautz and John Doran

The two-headed live techno unit from Leeds, Chrononautz have just been invited by new media artist and heavy music obsessive Zhang Ding to fly to Shanghai and collaborate on his Enter The Dragon installation at the Chi K11 gallery. But first they are helping John Doran celebrate the publications of the second edition of his Jolly Lad book with a series of hypnotic readings concerning music, madness and Marvell dried milk set to electronic soundscapes.

17.00 - Locean

The always shifting, exploratory, free-improvising rock group Locean are assembling like Voltron (from select shining lights of Manchester's underground left field rock network) to navigate their way through abyssal and beauteous depths of guitar, dissonance/ambiance and poetry.

18.30 - ILL

ILL are one of our favourite young live rock bands. Here is their Halloween single, 'The ILL Song' from last October.

20.00 - The Yossarians

A recent happy discovery for us at tQHQ, The Yossarians are centred round enigmatic frontman Tim Schiazza with a sound that variously recalls The Bad Seeds, Swans and Fairport. You can hear their excellent, trip-to-a-Hellish-three-ring-circus-on-bad-acid as yet unreleased track, I Have Eyes on this recent edition of The Quietus Hour; simply fast forward to 11.32.

21.45 - Sculpture

London's best kept psychedelic secret, Sculpture are coming to Manchester to deterritorialise your brow chakra. Using live manipulated film, light show and electronic pulsations they will usher you into one of their all-encompasing, mind-unlocking, dance-starting, cortex-melting, immersive audio/visual transmissions. You have been warned.

23.00 - Chrononautz

From the raw materials of live analog acid and raw party techno Chrononautz assemble militant party music using DIY ethos. At the other end of the scale from the brute minimalists and stultifyingly heavy industrialists, they favour kaleidoscopically mutating grooves and themes.

00.00 - 02.00 - Big Sexy Land DJs

ACID - DISCO - POST PUNK - POP by John Doran and John Tatlock

"Glammer than Kylie's bum encased in diamonds." Time Out

A mix from a dozen years ago...


15.00 - The Interference

Cumbrian destroyer Natalie Sharp, aka Lone Taxidermist, returns to Manchester fresh from giving voice to Gazelle Twin's last incarnation, this time as The Interference. The project sees her team up with various DJs to perform live electronics and vocal manipulations over the mix. On the decks is John Doran playing Middle Eastern trap, disco and techno.

16.00 - Howes

Local beep and bass/acid aficionado John Howes takes to the decks for two hours.

18.00 - Grey Lantern DJs

21.00 - The Interference