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Baker's Dozen

Revolting Lots: Al Jourgensen's Favourite Ministry Albums
Kiran Acharya , April 27th, 2016 10:02

As Ministry prepare to tour Europe, their leader puts the band's discography in order while sharing wild tales and encounters with William S. Burroughs, Robert Plant and copious amounts of his own stomach lining


Filth Pig (1996)
Here Ministry's style moved closer to doom, without synths, samples or drum machines. The title is said to come from a statement made in the Houses of Parliament, with MP Teddy Taylor calling Jourgensen a "filthy pig".

There are some good songs across Filth Pig and the other three, but they're not my favourite musically and they're not my favourite personally. I think they're still playing shit off this, Psalm 69 and Dark Side 20 years later, so maybe they have kinda stood the test of time.

This and the next three could have gone in any order. They're very similar, and from four to seven they could have gone either way. You could have put Psalm 69 at four or Filth Pig at seven. But they're basically the same thing. This was my drug-fuelled period of recording, these four. 

They were a real chore to make, not a lot of fun – your basic schedule for each record revolved around the heroin dealer. We were living on 'dealer standard time'. That's kind of an interesting and fucked-up way to make a record… but that's what it boiled down to.