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Baker's Dozen

Revolting Lots: Al Jourgensen's Favourite Ministry Albums
Kiran Acharya , April 27th, 2016 10:02

As Ministry prepare to tour Europe, their leader puts the band's discography in order while sharing wild tales and encounters with William S. Burroughs, Robert Plant and copious amounts of his own stomach lining


The Last Sucker (2007)
The Last Sucker completed Ministry's anti-Bush trilogy, with Jourgensen reflecting on the military-industrial complex, the Patriot Act and free speech in America.

In America, the First Amendment protects the right to free speech but it doesn't protect against harassment. You're not going to go to jail for it as in other countries, but you're going to get harassed. And in this age of social media you're going to get harassed even more, instantly, by everyone that doesn't agree with your opinion. You would think that people would be over it by now. Y'know, everyone's entitled to their own fucking opinion. But apparently people, especially in the social media age, don't agree with that. But it's not a legal issue, that's for certain. America isn't Egypt or somewhere like that, with journalists being imprisoned on a daily basis. Or even Russia for that matter, where they're being poisoned and executed. It's different but it's still a pain in the ass. You still have to have a set of balls on you, if you truly believe what you're saying, to stand by it.