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LISTEN: Warmduscher And Meatraffle Split
Tom Marsh , April 21st, 2016 14:30

Speedy Wunderground labelmates to release double A-side; listen below

Speedy Wunderground is currently gearing up for the release of its very first double A-side, Meatduscher, which will be made up of an ungodly combo of Warmduscher and Meatraffle, set for release on June 3.

Nutty Fat White Family and Paranoid London side project Warmduscher and fellow Brixton rockers Meatraffle make ramshackle, propulsive music that's as pleasing to the ear as it is grimy to the taste. But don't take our word for it; listen above and below exclusively right now.

True to the label name the recording process for the singles was speedy, both bands working with producer and label founder Dan Carey in a day one after the other.

Meatraffle had this to say about the recording process: "We walk in the studio and are instantly impressed by the equipment - Manley valve amplification and machines that look like kidney dialysis contraptions. His assistant is called Norman I think and reminds me of Igor from Frankenstein, not because he's ugly (in fact he's quite handsome) but because the whole thing reminds me of an experiment about to take place, Dan Carey of course being Baron Von Frankenstein. I think we did two recordings and expected to do another but Dan was pleased, he's a pro. But more than that, he hears things 'normal' people don't hear, his hearing frequency range is the same as a bloodhood."

Warmduscher, meanwhile, had these cryptic words to say: "Red lights and one way tickets courtesy of Mr Dan Carey, Alexis [Smith, label co-runner] and this numero uno. Our first stop to Whale City, the conceptional love story of our heroes past and present. Hold tight."

Meanwhile, Speedy Wunderground's Year 2 compilation is coming, bringing together its 7" singles on June 17. Every track produced by Carey, it's a shining example of Speedy's versatility, with tricksy power pop tracks from Natalie Bang Bang, punk and post-punk alike from Telegram and FEWS and chilly synth-pop from BOSS, among others.

"The whole idea of Speedy is to be unrestricted," says label co-runner Pierre Hall, "so although the 'rules' themselves have always been slightly tongue-in-cheek, there would be a subtle sense of irony in the idea that we were restricted by our own restrictions! So we're kinda open to anything. That's the point. As always, the music takes first priority."