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Baker's Dozen

Club Members: Julianna Barwick's Favourite Albums
Gary Kaill , April 20th, 2016 09:59

From very long-term library loans and overnight camp-outs to chance shopping-mall buys and poster-based confusion, the composer gives Gary Kaill the stories behind 13 LPs she's listened to a "bazillion freaking times"


Barbra Streisand – Yentl - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Instead of favourites, I've kind of gone for records I've listened to a bazillion freaking times. The soundtracks I've chosen are the first records I can actually remember listening to. They're all from kid-dom and I listened to them over and over again. I had this on vinyl from the library, checked out for over a year. I would just go back and renew it. I know every single word. Michel Legrand's music is very beautiful. I loved singing and these songs were so good to sing.

I mean, I was like six years old and I really did love the movie, too. I wouldn't say that I was a Streisand fan, particularly. My love of Yentl doesn't really bleed over into Barbra territory.