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Baker's Dozen

Club Members: Julianna Barwick's Favourite Albums
Gary Kaill , April 20th, 2016 09:59

From very long-term library loans and overnight camp-outs to chance shopping-mall buys and poster-based confusion, the composer gives Gary Kaill the stories behind 13 LPs she's listened to a "bazillion freaking times"


Bill Callahan – Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle
This was my introduction to Bill Callahan. It's one of those things where the first record you hear by an artist is the one you fall in love with; a lot of the time, that's the way it works for me, at least. No one else sounds like him, no one has this sardonic thing that he has. I love his humour – at times, he's just hilarious. But besides all of that, the record is gorgeous. 'Jim Cain' is a beautiful song. They're all beautiful songs. And some of them are super weird. I had my iTunes on shuffle the other day and 'My Friend' came on and I hadn't heard that in years, and it's just hilarious. This is the biggest 'fuck you' to someone I've ever heard. It's a beautiful album. I'd never heard anything like it before – it's just so witty and dry.