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Drive Like Jehu ATP Cancelled
Christian Eede , April 18th, 2016 12:41

ATP cancels yet another festival

In a move that won’t come as a particular surprise to many, ATP has cancelled its upcoming Drive Like Jehu-curated event due to a “lack of financial viability”.

The event had previously been moved from its original base of Pontins in Prestatyn to a new location of the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester just last month. The organisers’ statement says that full refunds will be issued to all customers.

Meanwhile, Drive Like Jehu have taken to their Facebook page to make their feelings known about ATP, sharing the following alongside the above image: “It’s a uniquely cruel hoax to appeal to Drive Like Jehu’s ego and ask us to create a program based on personally inviting the bands and musicians that have inspired us and changed the way we hear music and then subject them and their supporters to this,” said the band’s statement. We really wanted this show to happen more than anything.

“48 hours ago word started to trickle in that Barry hadn’t honored his agreement with many of the bands. These bands were not canceling, but rather did not have the promised means to attend.

“It was only then revealed that ATP was unable to honour the agreement with the ticket holders that purchased accommodation. ATP is out of funds. ATP offered to postpone the event until November as a solution. No thanks. We looked into trying to salvage the weekend by putting on our own free show in Manchester. But at this late date, no suitable venue is available.

“To all the bands and ticket holders, I couldn’t feel more terrible that the fest isn’t happening. We were willing to come under any circumstance even if it meant we would not get paid, just to see this show happen. I wish I could give you more answers at this point and advice on what to do next.”

The cancellation of the event comes in the wake of cancellations of 2014’s Jabberwocky Festival and 2013’s Grizzly Bear-headlined I’ll Be Your Mirror event. The Stewart Lee-curated ATP went ahead over the weekend at its original base of Pontins Prestatyn, though high profile acts such as John Cale cancelled their appearances, citing a lack of payment.