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Gerry And The Holograms RSD
Rudi Abdallah , April 12th, 2016 11:58

1979 'anti-record' from the group gets new lease of life for RSD courtesy of Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers are exclusively re-releasing a rare Gerry And The Holograms record for the impending Record Store Day.

The Emperor’s New Clothes will come in 7" format and coincides with the release of a lost Gerry And The Holograms LP. Famously, the disc contains no music.

The 7", originally released in 1979, has been described as a conceptual ‘anti-record’ because it cannot be played. Every disc released was glued to the sleeve. Frank Zappa hailed the record when it was originally released, calling the group his new favourite band. Lawrence Beedle, then boss of Absurd Records to whom the band were signed, said at the time: "It took the best part of a week to paint and glue them into the bags."

The exact number of discs made when the record first came out is unknown although it is said to have been around 500. 100 new copies of the record will be made available on shelves at various record stores as part of Record Store Day this Saturday (April 16). You can find out more information about the release here.