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LISTEN: Italian Occult Psych Fest Mixtape
Rudi Abdallah , March 31st, 2016 12:33

Head of Italian occult psychedelia label shares immersive mixtape ahead of festival; listen to it below

Ongapalooza: 10 Years Of Boring Machines, an Italian festival specialising in all things occult and psychedelia, is to be held at the Dal Verme venue in Rome from March 31-April 2 and with the festival kicking off, we have a mixtape compiled by the head of Italian label Boring Machines, Onga, for you to listen to above.

Now in its fourth edition, the festival is organised by Thalassa, which, in keeping with the mythic nature of the festival, shares its name with a primordial Greek sea goddess. The festival honours the tenth birthday this year of Boring Machines, which was started in 2006 by Onga in Treviso.

Italian Occult Psychedelia is a subgenre of Italian psychedelic music fusing disparate art forms into one esoteric package. Artists such as Heroin in Tahiti combine references to film genres and Italian literature from authors such as Federico Fellini with krautrock, Italian library music and other musical styles. Journalist Antonio Ciarletta coined the term in an article published in in Italian music magazine Blow Up in January 2012.

The mixtape features music from some of the artists who will appear at this year’s festival taking in a wide breadth of music which showcases the restless creativity of the scene. The skronking ‘Alien Blues’ by Everest Magma segues smoothly into thunderstorm in a headset ‘A Pourpouse’ by the unholy Father Murphy. You can find out more information on the festival and get tickets here. You can find a full tracklist for the mixtape below.

Italian Occult Psychedelia Mixtape

Fabio Orsi - Train To Rostov
Adamennon - Manvantara
Everest Magma - Alien Blues
Father Murphy - A pourpouse
Heroin in Tahiti - Zatlath Aithas
Fabio Orsi - Loipe 02
Maurizio Abate - Towards the Outside
Luminance Ratio - Il Mare
Von Tesla - All Cycles Lost
Mai Mai Mai - Theta
Passed - Glory (I'll Show You Light Now)
Squadra Omega - Sepolto dalle Sabbie del Tempo
Holiday Inn - Boys Work Hard
Fabio Orsi - Russian