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LISTEN: Mira Calix Remixes Grasscut
Rudi Abdallah , March 29th, 2016 15:40

Warp-affiliated producer remixes pair

Remember when you were naively optimistic, hadn’t yet dealt with the Inland Revenue and made lists of favourite people you’d have in your favourite sports team? Unless you’re Roman Abramovich those lists never came to anything but for Brighton duo Andrew Phillips and Marcus O’Dair, better known as Grasscut, it's a different case.

Their 2015 album, Everyone Was A Bird, has now been remixed by an array of their favourite artists, and above you can check out one of those remixes right now, from Warp-signed producer Mira Calix.

Plans to issue a remixed version of the album were concocted as soon as the original was released. Phillips and O’Dair drew up a list of artists whose work they liked and allowed them to reinterpret tracks from the album as they pleased. "We were a bit overwhelmed when they all said yes," they say.

Mira Calix converts ‘Halflife’ into a triptych which starts off sounding like a child fulfilling their ambition of messing around on a particularly advanced church organ, before shifting seamlessly into neurotic ‘Street Spirit’-esque chords then climaxing with a sullen drip of bleeps.

Also recruited to put their slant on Grasscut's work were John Metcalfe, a man for whom the band have great admiration, who remixes ‘Radar’; Leo Abrahams who takes on ‘The Field’ and Penguin Café who remix ‘Red Kite’. The remix album is out on May 13. Of the source material, tQ's Bryan Brussee said: "This is that rare slab of post-rock that uses the genre's textures and general ethos of exploration to create new sounds instead of rehashing old ones."