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Baker's Dozen

Prophets Of Time: Nik Turner's Favourite Records
Sean Kitching , March 23rd, 2016 10:03

The space rock luminary and former member of Hawkwind, Sphynx and Inner City Unit guides Sean Kitching through 13 instructive and inspirational jazz, rock and soul records that have shaped him and his music


The Doors – Strange Days
Psychedelia, 1967 and around that era, LSD. A friend of mine who was a fellow imbiber of psychedelic substances was selling his collection of records and Strange Days was among those. I'm into music that makes me want to stretch myself that bit further. I found that with Strange Days – such an interesting combination. You had Ray Manzarek who played organ, heavy on the pedals. No bass player. John Densmore on drums and Robby Krieger on guitar. I just found the band, and of course Jim Morrison – the cherry on the top – so exciting and different. They were very art rock and Jim Morrison was very clever poetically. I found his recitations and his lyrical ideas very interesting. Nobody else was doing anything like that really. I'd always loved the sound of the organ. I ended up doing a version of 'Strange Days' – I think I've got a recording of it at Dingwalls – with Inner City Unit. They were a lot darker than most of the other hippy bands that were around at the time.